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How Long is Exercise Off Limits Following Oral Surgery?


One of the first things we will tell you to avoid after oral surgery is physical activity. This is a time to relax and allow your body to recover. Any surgery is traumatic on a person, and oral surgery is no exception.

Rest will allow your mouth to develop a blood clot that will protect the bone from infection and returning to strenuous exercise too soon can set your recovery back.

While you should be able to move around right after your surgery, the best way to get better is to follow our advice to rest as much as possible. This will only help you get better and resume your normal activities sooner.


One of the main reasons to avoid exercise during the first few days following oral surgery is because there is a risk a dry socket could develop.

This happens when the blood clot that needs to form over the incision gets dislodged and is extremely painful. Having a dry socket could hinder your recovery and force you to visit our office and consult our Dentistry in Surprise AZ to get treated. It is very uncomfortable and unnecessary when you follow our instructions carefully.

In general, if you are healthy and your recovery is going as planned, you can resume exercising after about 4-days. However, every person is different, and the speed at which you can return to your regular physical activity will depend on your own situation.

The best advice we can give you is to rest and allow that blood clot to form as it should. Rest will prevent additional bleeding and a dry socket. Trust us; you don’t want to experience that type of discomfort. Taking a short walk out in the backyard if you feel up to it, after a couple of days of rest, should be fine, but if you are not sure, please give us a call.

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