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How Long Do Bone Grafts Take to Heal?


Dentistry in Surprise AZ may recommend a bone graft if your jawbone is too thin or not strong enough to support a dental implant, which can cause the surgery to fail.

In general, if you have missing teeth, this causes bone loss which can affect the jaw bone, and while it may sound scary, bone grafting is a relatively routine procedure.


Bone grafting is a procedure where one of our surgeons takes a piece of bone from another part of the body or a bone bank and places it in the jaw bone. This procedure is done mostly when the jawbone is insufficient or not strong enough to support implants.

The bone grafting procedure takes about an hour, depending on your situation. If there are other problems, it may take longer, but it is essential to replace the bone inside the jaw after a tooth extraction to avoid jaw resorption.


Depending on how many teeth are missing and how many bone grafts you need, the recovery can take about 4-months. Sometimes you won’t be ready for implants until 7 or 9-months after your bone grafting surgery. It is crucial that we wait the required time, especially when you are scheduled for implants because otherwise, the operation could fail.

Other factors that will affect the recovery time for bone grafting is if the surgery is to the lower or upper jaw and whether or not you need gum grafting simultaneously. If you have any questions about bone grafting surgery and how long it will take to heal, we are here to answer all your questions.

If our surgeon determines you need this procedure, the consultation for the surgery is an ideal time to get all the information you need to go into the procedure with confidence.

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