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Restorative Dentistry

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Restorative Dentistry - Surprise, AZ

Here at Surprise Smiles we take our restorative procedures incredibly seriously, as any dental office should.

This could mean a lot for your smile every step of the way – from your health to your confidence.

It all matters, and if we do not take the best care of you, that could be detrimental.

Depending on the extent of damage or decay, our Dentist Surprise AZ can recommend a different type of procedure.

Some most common restorative dentistry procedures include dental fillings, dentures, bridges, crowns, root canals, wisdom tooth removal, single or multiple tooth extraction, and dental bonding.



When it comes to your teeth, a lot can go wrong. However, luckily for us all, restorative dentistry is here to save the day!

Restorative dentistry is the study of, treatment and management of, and diagnosis of infections or diseases in the mouth, including (but not limited to) the teeth, gums, oral tissues, glands, and more.


When you go to the dentist, there are different things that you may need to get done. In fact, restorative is one of three general dentistry branches, the other two being preventative and cosmetic dentistry.

When it comes to restorative, most of the procedures work to improve the health of your mouth after something goes wrong.

For example, when it comes to decay within teeth, we offer fillings for small and manageable cavities that we have caught early, tooth extractions for severely problematic teeth, root canal therapy for more intense issues within the pulp of your teeth, and more.

We also have other restorative options for teeth that simply couldn’t be salvaged or that you lost at one point or another.

We offer both full and partial dentures, bridges to cover multiple teeth, crowns to fill a single gap, and implants to provide with multiple options for replacing missing teeth.

Even if your issue does not lie with your teeth, chances are we offer a solution for that as well. Jaw pain? No problem! We offer temporomandibular therapy to ease that pain and realigned your jaw properly.

Gum disease? We offer scaling and root planing to get rid of that annoying tartar that causes so many problems.


Dental fillings are used to repair minor cavities or tooth damage. The filling material is applied to the affected area and then hardened. Many different types of materials can be used for dental fillings, including composite resin, porcelain, gold, and silver amalgam.


Dentures are prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth. They are typically made of plastic or ceramic and are supported by the gums. Dentures can be partial or complete, depending on the number of teeth that are missing.


A dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge comprises two crowns placed on the adjacent teeth and then fused with artificial replacement teeth.


A tooth crown, or dental crown, is a cap placed over a damaged or decayed tooth. The crown restores the tooth to its original shape and size. The process includes preparing the tooth, taking impressions, and then creating the crown.


A root canal is a procedure used to save a tooth that has become infected or damaged. The root canal involves removing the damaged pulp from the tooth and then filling and sealing the tooth.


Wisdom teeth are typically removed because they can become impacted, meaning they do not erupt from the gums properly. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain, crowding, and infection. The removal of wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure that requires great attention and care by the surgeon.


Tooth extraction is a common procedure used to remove damaged or decayed teeth. The tooth is first loosened and then removed from the socket. A dentist or oral surgeon will help to do this procedure for you.


Multiple tooth extraction is a procedure used to remove multiple teeth at once. To do this, the oral surgeon will make an incision in the gum and then remove the teeth one by one.


Dental bonding is a procedure that is used to repair minor tooth damage. The bonding material is applied to the affected area and then hardened. Bonding can be used to repair chips, cracks, and gaps in teeth.


These are just a few of the most common restorative dentistry procedures we offer here at Surprise Smiles. If you have any questions about these procedures or if you would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office at (623) 215-1075. We would be happy to help you find the best solution for your dental needs.