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Dental Technology - Surprise, AZ

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Dental Technology

At Surprise Smiles, our team uses the latest dental implant technologies in cosmetic dentistry to provide you with a tailor-made replacement tooth that will last you a lifetime. These advances allow greater precision for Dentist Surprise AZ, quicker treatment times, and less stress to patients. Here are some of the best modern technologies we are taking advantage of:


Widely used in dental applications, the soft tissue laser is becoming an indispensable piece of equipment. It is generally used in dental procedures to replace the scalpel in procedures that include flap crown lengthening to uncover dental implants. This laser technology allows uncovered dental implants to be exposed for the restorative phase of treatment where the crown is attached.

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The advantage of lasers over scalpels is that there is less bleeding, and healing times are quicker. Following implant placement impressions may be taken at the same appointment, rather than weeks later while the soft tissue heals after surgery.

Soft tissue lasers are also used to successfully treat gum disease and peri-implantitis. This is a similar problem that affects the tissue around dental implants.


Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM), uses computer software to design and manufacture dental restorations. First used in dentistry in 1985, CAD/CAM technology creates prosthetics, including crownsbridgesveneers, inlays, and onlays from a block of ceramic.

Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, CAD/CAM is much quicker. The dentist, or technician, designs the restoration on a computer screen while the patient is in the chair. Once everyone is happy with how it looks, the images are sent to an onsite laboratory where a milling machine creates the made-to-measure restoration while the patient waits.


Panoramic x-rays cannot measure bone depth, thickness, or density as accurately as 3D Cone Beam CT scans. Delivering a 3D image, it is used to establish a patient’s suitability for dental implants and is used as an accurate template during implant procedures to place the implants in the most effective position. For treatments such as dental implants that require accuracy for a successful outcome, a 3D scan eliminates any guesswork for the dentist and a higher chance of a successful outcome for patients.


One of the most advanced treatments in the field is micro dentistry. This technique allows us to do extremely complex procedures like implants while safeguarding the rest of your teeth. Thanks to the microscope’s powerful resolution, the treatment is minimally invasive, practically painless, and incredibly precise.

Micro dentistry utilizes optical equipment to magnify areas in the mouth. This allows the dentist to see everything in great detail, and to provide the appropriate treatments to preserve the teeth and keep them healthy.

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We offer the latest in x-ray technology. Our sophisticated machines are able to capture your entire mouth in a single image. Just a tenth of the radiation, no need for a series of multiple exposures with uncomfortable objects in your mouth, and an overall faster process.

Digital panoramic x-rays use tiny doses of radiation compared to traditional x-rays and are considerably safer. Although the teeth are arranged in a horseshoe shape, digital panoramic x-rays create a flat, 2D image of the entire mouth, including the jaw, teeth, and surrounding structures.


Intraoral cameras are not only a critical diagnostic tool, but they’e one of the ways we keep you informed and educated about your own health. Compared to the old hand mirror, these cameras allow us to show you in unparalleled detail exactly what your mouth looks like, what needs to be fixed, and how we plan to do it.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a type of injection therapy using your body’s own platelets to accelerate your healing. It’s quick and painless and gives us far more versatility in placing future implants and in other surgical treatments.


State-of-the-art technology used for replacing missing teeth is computer-guided dental implant surgery. It includes utilizing the technologies already outlined above to ensure dental implants are positioned with precision.

Digital X-rays and CT scans are used to create a virtual image of the mouth and CAD/CAM technology that uses robotics creates beautifully crafted, functional teeth. This advanced technology is also used to place implants in the optimum position for bone-to-implant contact to ensure strength and stability.