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Do You Have TMJ Issues That Need Treatment?


TMJ issues can be something that progressively get worse, or they can be something that come on out of nowhere. You can literally go from waking up pain-free to being miserable in just a few minutes if you need help with an issue related to your TMJ.

If this is the case, you may need to go in and see your oral surgeon. Surprise Dentist can help treat the pain that you are in, plus they can work with you to help resolve your long-term TMJ issues.


Things that you can do to help decrease your pain at its onset include taking an anti-inflammatory medication, apply ice to the area that hurts, and avoiding anything that involves opening and closing your jaw until the pain subsides on its own. Sometimes that is a very quick process, while other times, that can take a long time.

Your oral surgeon is going to have more long-term solutions to treat your TMJ issues. They can help work with you through options like physical therapy, or they can recommend surgery to correct the issues within that joint. Some pain comes from the joint having a bone spur or similar issue within the joint, which can easily be treated.

Other TMJ issues come from you using the jaw too forcefully or doing things like clenching your teeth. The best way to treat these issues is by getting you fitted for a mouth guard that is soft enough to not put excess pressure on the joint.

For pain in your TMJ, contact our office. They can help you get your pain under control and they can help manage the issue so that you will not wind up in pain again in the future. Next time you notice your TMJ a bit sore, give them a call.

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