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Are Lumps Inside Your Mouth Normal?


Is it normal to have lumps inside your mouth? To some degree, yes. There are lumps beneath your tongue that are actually salivary glands, plus there are small lumps in other areas of your mouth that are totally normal.

However, if you notice a new lump that wasn’t there before, it is something to make sure you keep an eye on.

If you notice it’s not going away on its own, or increasing in size, please contact Surprise Dentist ¬†and schedule an appointment so we can take a look.


Cysts can be nothing to worry about some of the time, or they can be a lot to worry about. It all depends on what type of cyst you have growing.

Even ones that are totally benign need to be monitored, as they can grow into joints or put pressure on your jaw or teeth. If a cyst is nothing to worry about, it still may need to be removed. That choice is up to you and your oral surgeon.

Oral cancer can also lead to lumps in your mouth. These lumps need to be removed as soon as possible so they do not have the chance to spread.

If you notice a lump, especially one with a lesion that doesn’t want to go away, call us and schedule an oral cancer screening.

These are classic signs that you have something going on in your mouth that needs extra attention.

Don’t let a lump in your mouth go by without any attention unless it shows up and disappears within a day or two. This can happen if a salivary gland got blocked or if you bit an area. However, any that feel off or don’t go away, get checked out as soon as you can get seen.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (623) 215-1075 today.

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