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What Makes the Jaw Hurt


If someone punches you in the jaw, it will probably cause some pain. When it comes to why someone experiences jaw pain, that is what a lot of people think the cause is. There are a few other reasons that a jaw hurts that are probably more common than getting punched in the face. There are also ways to treat these problems so that the jaw no longer hurts.


When you have a toothache, it can affect more than just the tooth with a cavity. The longer the cavity goes untreated, the worse it gets and the more trouble it creates. Over time the pain from the toothache can end up radiating down to the jaw. Pain from a toothache can cause dull, constant pain in the jaw or it can cause sharp pains in the jaw. Either way, it is possible to get rid of the jaw pain by consulting Dentistry in Surprise AZ


There are many people who grind their teeth when they sleep. Some people struggle with this when they are awake as well. Grinding of the teeth puts pressure on the jaw. It causes the jaw muscles to work. It can put stress on the joi9nt connecting the jaw to the skull. All these things associated with teeth grinding and bruxism can a cause the jaw to hurt.

For people who grind their teeth when they sleep, the jaw hurting in the morning is one of the main symptoms of bruxism and teeth grinding. There are different types of treatment to help alleviate the jaw pain that can occur.


Temporomandibular Joint disorder affects the joint where the jaw connects to the skull. When the joint does not function properly, it can lead to a variety of problems including pain in the jaw. There are different causes for TMJ that include teeth grinding and trauma and treatment for the problem depends on the cause of the TMJ.

We don’t want people to ignore the pain they have in their jaw. There are ways to treat the pain once the cause is found. The key is to look at what the symptoms are to determine the reason. Once that is done, a treatment plan is possible.

If you have pain in your jaw, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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