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Should You Opt for Teeth in a Day?

Dental implant

Tooth loss has a significant impact on your quality of life. No matter how many teeth are missing, or where they are missing, your ability to eat and speak properly is diminished. Not only that, but your smile is affected, and can make you feel less confident.

There are also hidden consequences to tooth loss, such as your jawbone deteriorating, causing your jaw to change shape and age you beyond your years.

Fortunately, dental implants by Surprise Dentist provide an excellent solution that restores the functions of your mouth and your smile, and preserves your jawbone. And, you can get your teeth all in one day.


Teeth in a day is a process that allows you to leave the office with a full set of functioning, natural looking teeth. First, your implants are placed are surgically placed into your jawbone. These titanium rods act as the anchors that support the false teeth. After the implants are placed, you are immediately fit with prosthetic teeth to go home with while you heal.



After you are finished healing from implant surgery, which takes approximately three months, you will go back to your dentist to be fit for your permanent prosthetic. Molds of your mouth are taken and sent to a lab for fabrication. When they are ready, they will be screwed into place and you will be able to treat them just like your natural teeth.

If you are interested in teeth in a day, or want to discuss your dental implant options, contact our office to schedule an appointment today.

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