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Checking for Oral Cancer Between Visits to the Oral Surgeon


Oral cancer affects more men than it does women, and it also affects those who drink and use tobacco more than it does those who don’t.

Still, those who drink regularly and smoke at the same are at even higher risk than those that indulge in only one of the vices. Other causes of the disease include the human papilloma virus, poor nutrition, as well as exposure to the sun.


Most people will complain of mouth sores that will not go away and sometimes the feeling of something caught in the throat. Pain in the mouth, teeth, or jaw may also be a cancer indication unless the doctor rules it out.

During a regular check, a physician will notice some of the signs and conduct further tests. We screen our patients during routine checkups so that we can catch the condition while it’s still in its initial stages.

Mouth cancer starts in the thin areas of your mouth, such as the lips and the mouth lining, and so we check them for any suspicious activity. We will also check the throat and back section of the tongue. Any abnormal growths on your jaw and neck could be signs of mouth cancer too.


Several intensive tests will be necessary to ascertain that you have the disease, but early detection helps. Again, you are to check out for ulcers that take too long to heal, pain or lumps in the neck and jaw, as well as persistent voice hoarseness.

Even if you are scheduled for dental surgery, and any of these symptoms show, you should make it known immediately because early detection saves lives.

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