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Nightguards for Kids, AZ

It’s pretty cute when kids suck on their thumbs! It’s one of those things that everyone can identify with, a comfort that childhood affords the young. There is a point at which we start to discourage thumb sucking, not only because it’s less acceptable for an older child to suck on their thumb, but for the practical purpose of preventing orthodontic issues from occurring with their teeth. Fortunately, at Surprise Smiles we offer nightguards for kids to help them curb their thumb sucking habit and save you the expensive orthodontic bills in the future.

Why stop thumb sucking?

When a child is very young, thumb sucking can be a beneficial way for them to self-soothe. It can help them feel comfortable in different circumstances and is often used to fall asleep, even while asleep. To infants, the act of sucking is a very comforting thing because they associate it with feeding and their mother. Once their teeth start coming in thumb sucking can end up doing more damage than it’s worth. Teeth are not stationary in the mouth and are very liable to be influenced by forces like thumb sucking while coming in. By allowing a child to suck on their thumb while their baby teeth come in the alignment of those teeth can be thrown off quite a bit. Adult teeth depend on the alignment of the baby teeth to come in properly.

Thumb Sucking Guards

There are a few different varieties of guards that can be worn in the mouth and on the hands of children who need to stop the thumb sucking habit. There are plastic cylinders that can be placed on a child’s thumb to prevent it from fitting into their mouth. There are also guards that fit comfortably into your kid’s mouth while they sleep to prevent the entry of their thumb. The way the mouth guards work is by preventing their thumb from sitting comfortably on the roof of their mouth – they end up not being able to achieve suction because of this.

Is a guard right for my child?

Thumb sucking can affect both the appearance and alignment of their teeth. The most typical result of long-term thumb sucking is front teeth that point outward and don’t meet when their mouth is closed. In orthodontics, a bite that doesn’t close all the way is referred to as “open-bite” and can require expensive orthodontics to fix. If your child is past the age of 4 and still sucks their thumb give us a call today at (602) 842-4864 to schedule an appointment for them.

Scolding Your Child Isn’t an Effective Way to Prevent Thumbsucking

When considering the orthodontic ramifications of thumb sucking it can be hard not to scold your child for thumb-sucking, but that doesn’t do a lot of good. Instead, schedule an appointment with us, and we will help to explain why they need to stop and how we can help in a way that they will understand. Reward charts and the help of a night guard appliance can make it easy for your child to beat thumb sucking quickly and totally.

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