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Limited Orthodontics
Surprise, AZ

Girl smiling after her limited orthodontics procedure at Surprise Smiles.Limited orthodontics may be absolutely necessary for optimal oral development. It can help you fix teeth alignment and solve various other issues as well. With limited orthodontics, the earlier you diagnose the problem and start the treatment, the better.

At Surprise Smiles, we can help you determine whether your child can benefit from limited orthodontics or not.

What is Limited Orthodontics?

Limited orthodontics is a term encompassing a variety of treatments. Put simply, it is the general term used for various targeted treatments that can improve and aid the alignment and function of the jaw as well. Often your dentist will do this by analyzing the appearance of the bite to identify alignment issues. Limited orthodontics is also known as interceptive orthodontics and is essential for the overall dental health in the long run. The treatment plan can span over a few weeks or months, depending upon the condition.

What Can Limited Orthodontics Treat?

Limited orthodontics can treat various issues. Most of them revolve around oral and structural development and teeth placement.
•  Crowded teeth
•  Spaced out teeth
•  Delayed loosening of baby teeth
•  Protruding teeth
•  Misaligned jaw structure
•  Harmful oral habits

To identify the exact treatment method and the condition to be treated, dentists analyze the jaw and bite joints at regular checkups to ensure they are developing as they should. Thumb sucking and other bad habits can often hinder development, which impacts the function of the jaw in the long run.

Limited Orthodontics Treatment Methods

Limited orthodontics uses various treatment methods to treat primary teeth and jaw development issues in children. The child may need to opt for braces on a few teeth or get partial aligners. In some cases, the child also needs retainers to help with the alignment.

Your treatment may involve the use of palatal expanders, partial braces, spacers, and various other tools to ensure the job is done right. After you get treated with limited orthodontics, you may need to consult an orthodontist to begin the second phase of the treatment.

Benefits of Limited Orthodontics

The treatment time for limited orthodontics is substantially lower than that of normal braces. Limited orthodontics only requires a few months at max. Plus, you may not need to get braces at all.

If you can detect abnormal development early on, you may only need retainers or aligners, which you can remove for events and photographs. They also help prevent the need for lengthier treatments later on besides protecting your child’s smile. Whether your child has spaced out, crooked or protruding teeth, limited orthodontics can fix it all. It can help protect your child’s smile.

At Surprise Smiles, hygiene is our top priority. We pay special attention to oral health, reducing the risk of infections that can potentially hinder the healing process. We can help you identify whether your child needs limited orthodontics or not and provide the necessary treatment. Also, we provide quality care and treatment. Quality care and treatment we offer includes tooth extractions, dental cleanings, dental exams, and dental fillings.

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Limited Orthodontics - Surprise, AZ • Surprise Smiles
Whether your child has spaced out, crooked or protruding teeth, limited orthodontics at Surprise Smiles can fix it all; protecting your child's smile.
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