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Intraoral Camera
Surprise, AZ

Digital rendering of an Intraoral camera at Surprise Smiles in Surprise, AZ Intraoral cameras have become very common in oral procedures.

Despite their odd-looking structure, intraoral cameras are nothing to worry about. The tool will not cause discomfort.

If you haven't seen an intr-aoral camera before, you might wonder what it is. Our experts at Surprise Smiles are available to answer any questions regarding these tools.

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is a tool our dentists and team use to examine your mouth and reveal every detail. We rely on intraoral cameras to capture every part of your mouth during oral exams.

It is a reliable tool that helps reveal underlying conditions a normal eye cannot detect. This tool, which looks like an oversized pen, takes high-resolution images or footage of your mouth and relays the feedback on a real-time monitor.

Intraoral cameras use advanced technology to ensure every part of your oral cavity is captured. It is vital to note that we use intraoral cameras for many other purposes other than oral exams.

How Does the Intraoral Camera Work?

We use the intraoral camera to examine your mouth and take pictures that reveal any underlying conditions. The device works by recording or taking high-quality images of your mouth and displaying them on a digital monitor.

After assessing these high-resolution images, we will prepare case documentation to address the discovered oral problems.

The intraoral camera can easily be connected to a computer using a docking station or USB to allow us to review the images.

This high-quality device usually has an LED light that ensures images are captured without external light. Therefore, the intraoral camera will perform its job perfectly, even in poor lighting.

How and When Does a Dentist Use the Intraoral Camera?

We use intraoral cameras in many situations. An intraoral camera gives us a close-up analysis of your mouth and helps identify any conditions you might have.

One of the instances in which we use this tool is during oral exams. Such procedures need a comprehensive evaluation of your mouth, and intraoral cameras give exactly that.

The intraoral camera comes with a built-in light source that allows us to see the external structures of your teeth.

The tools also display high-resolution images of your gums and the buccal cavity. It must be said that illumination is a crucial part of this tool's operations.

Thanks to the illumination, an intraoral camera is used to take high-resolution videos of your mouth. The still camera can also capture the condition of your teeth in great detail.

We use these high-quality images to assess whether you suffer from oral conditions like gum disease, dental cavities, or tooth decay. We will also check for plaque formation and cracked or chipped teeth.

Images from the intraoral camera will also show whether dental fillings are broken or in poor condition.

Therefore, we can make a diagnosis more accurately and efficiently thanks to the intraoral camera. We can attach the photos to your oral health records for future reference and better tracking.

The beauty of intraoral cameras is that we can discuss your oral health with you while you look at the live images of your mouth. This makes it easy to understand. You will also know what needs to be done to revert the situation.

What Technology Is Used at Your Surprise , AZ Office?

We use a wide range of dental technologies other than an intraoral camera.

•  Dental X-rays
Digital x-rays are vital during oral exams. They are safer and faster, containing 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays.

When using digital x-rays, a high-resolution image appears on the screen in a few seconds. This allows us to assess your oral health within the shortest time possible.

You don't have to worry about discomfort, as digital x-rays are safe.

The images obtained from digital x-rays don't pixelate after magnification. This helps us to detect oral problems easily and enlighten you about your oral health. When oral problems are detected early, it is easy to treat them.

•  Laser Dentistry
Soft tissue laser is another common technology we use in dental procedures.

Laser technology uses different types of lasers to eliminate discomfort during the process. Soft tissue laser is ideal for revealing underlying oral health problems.

For instance, it can fill or whiten dental cavities, remove tumors, or reduce tooth sensitivity.

Besides, laser technology is an excellent way to get rid of bacteria. This helps prevent the further spread of infections as we will treat them promptly.

•  Teeth Whitening
If you have discolored teeth and are looking for a quick way to achieve a bright smile, professional teeth whitening could just be what you need.

We can perform the procedure within a few hours. You don't have to make several trips to our offices as you will have a bright smile within the shortest time possible.

•  3D Cone Beam
3D cone beam is a reliable technology used for oral cancer screening. This technology can detect the early stages of oral cancer and help initiate treatment.

Apart from oral cancer, a 3D cone beam can also detect other oral conditions like gingivitis and tooth decay.

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Intraoral cameras have become a major part of modern dentistry. We use them to examine your mouth and diagnose various oral conditions. Our experts at Surprise Smiles are ready to help you achieve good oral health by performing comprehensive dental exams. Call (602) 842-4864 to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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