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Dental Bridge
Surprise, AZ

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Whether tooth loss is an option that you are facing, or something that you have been dealing with for some time now, the best option is always to replace the tooth or teeth. Dental bridges are an affordable, high quality, tooth replacement option that can bring your oral health back to a manageable, healthy place.

Here at Surprise Smiles, we believe that great oral health starts with patient education. We are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date and scientifically researched dental solutions so that you can make the best choices for your dental health. When you understand what is going on in your mouth, how to keep your teeth in good condition, and what situations can lead to detrimental oral health issues, you will be able to keep a high oral health standard.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge refers to permanent and removable dental appliance that is capable of physically replacing one tooth, or several teeth in a row.

Fixed Bridge

A permanent dental bridge is commonly called a “fixed” bridge and, as the name suggests, is a permanent fixture in your mouth only capable of being removed by a trained professional. Fixed bridges are preferable to removable bridges due to their ability to mimic teeth in form and function. Having the ability to speak and eat in the same manner and comfort that your normal teeth provide is a huge advantage.

Removable Bridge

Like all removable dental appliances, a removable dental bridge must be taken out to eat and sleep. Special care must be taken to clean and store your removable bridge.

Fixed Bridge Placement Procedure

A fixed bridge requires at least two trips to our office to be placed. During the first trip we will take an impression of your teeth or the edentulous gap where we wish to place teeth. We will send this mold to our dental laboratory to be crafted by high precision tools and experienced technicians. Once we are done taking the mold of your teeth we can begin the anchor site preparation. A fixed dental bridge requires at least two healthy teeth for placement.

If two healthy teeth aren’t available, we can place a dental implant (or two) to act as an anchor. To have a dental implant placed would require another separate procedure.

In order to get the anchor teeth ready for dental bridge placement, we will remove a layer of enamel from the outside of the tooth so that the bridge can easily fit over the anchors. We will then place a temporary dental bridge on the anchors, which will conclude the first appointment.

By the second appointment, we will have received the permanent bridge from the dental lab. We will remove the temporary from your anchor teeth and carefully place the fixed bridge, setting it perfectly in place with permanent dental cement.

Take Care of Your Dental Bridge

Dental bridges require just as much upkeep and care as your natural teeth. The bacteria within your mouth can act on the materials that we use to create your bridge.

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