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Clear Aligners
Surprise, AZ

Personal holding a clear aligners tray from Surprise Smiles in Surprise, AZ
Clear aligners are the go-to option for fixing misaligned teeth. That's because this orthodontic treatment uses aligners that are virtually invisible.

At Surprise Smiles, our dentists and team will ensure that your clear aligner treatment goes as smoothly as possible so that you can get the most out of your invisible aligners.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Instead of having permanently fixed braces you can opt for the more elegant solution of removable aligners. Because these aligners are made of clear plastic, they don't impact your smile at all. When you smile with one of our alignment systems, all anyone sees is your pearly whites! In many cases, we can even reduce the time it takes to give you the results that you want.

With traditional braces, you would be required to visit your dental professional weekly or bi-weekly to have your braces adjusted. With these clear alignment systems, you only have to swap out the trays every month to month and a half, significantly reducing the time spent in our office.

These alignment systems can be applied to children and adults alike. Trust Surprise Smiles to be your family dentist.

What Are the Benefits of Clear Aligners?

Braces are notoriously uncomfortable. Many people don't believe that a comfortable tooth alignment option exists but it does!

Our alignment systems are made of clear, smooth plastic that is custom fit to your mouth. While braces can scratch, and poke the inside of your mouth with bands, wires, and brackets, these alignment systems offer only smooth surfaces and comfortable fits.

With traditional braces you constantly have to worry about the hassles of proper oral hygiene. Keeping braces clean is a pain in the neck! There are so many nooks and crannies that have to be kept clean and just try not to cut through a piece of floss three or four times per cleaning - it can't be done!

Because our alignment systems are removable, cleaning is as simple as always. You can remove the trays to eat so that your diet never has to change. Overall these alignment systems offer an impressive array of benefits over traditional braces.

Who Needs Clear Aligners?

We can fix a number of common alignment issues using this method. Although we can't use this to treat all issues we can often use it to treat the following list of orthodontic cases:
•  Crossbite
•  Underbite
•  Overbite
•  Open Bite
•  Gapped Teeth

What Is the Procedure for Getting Clear Aligners?

You will first have a consultation appointment with an orthodontist, who will inspect your teeth and take a detailed digital image of your mouth. They will then tailor a personalized treatment plan according to your needs.

Before the aligners are made, you'll see a digital preview of your new smile.

If you're planning to get aligners, you must be sure that you can keep the trays in for almost 24 hours a day. Moreover, you will also need to check on insurance coverage and compare costs in addition to clinical factors.

Preparing the Aligners

Your dental specialist will take x-rays, pictures, and imprints of your teeth once you decide to start Invisalign treatment.

This data, combined with their directions for how they want the teeth to move, are transmitted to the Invisalign provider.

After taking impressions of your teeth, a 3D treatment plan will be generated just for you.

The digital models are sent to a production plant after being authorized, where the aligners are manufactured. Once that's sorted, you must agree to the treatment for the initiation of the procedure.

Read More About All of the Dental Technology We Use in Surprise!

Fitting the Aligners

Aligners are designed to be worn in a particular sequence.

For two weeks, each aligner should be worn. Patients get a new aligner during the treatment, which helps straighten their teeth.

During the course of therapy, patients are required to wear the aligner constantly, except when they eat or clean their teeth. If you don't, your teeth won't move as intended, and when you put new aligners in, they won't fit properly.

Refining the Alignment

The aligner trays will need to be replaced every one to three weeks. You need to use them between 20 to 22 hours every day for optimal tooth straightening.

Since a single aligner can only move teeth by 1 mm or less, numerous aligners will be required. A course of treatment may last three to 24 months.

Clear aligner treatment cannot be complete without a retainer.

A mold of your freshly straightened teeth is used to create a personalized, transparent retainer when treatment is finished. Every night when you sleep, you should wear retainers to prevent malocclusion from happening again.

The majority of aligner manufacturers advise changing them every six to 12 months. Using retainers allows the bone of the jaw to solidify around the new placements for a better, more natural look.

Book Your Clear Aligner Appointment in Surprise, AZ Today!

If you're set on getting aligners to straighten your teeth, Surprise Smiles can help! Our highly experienced Surprise, AZ professional dental team will ensure a smooth and seamless dental experience! Call us at (602) 842-4864 to book your appointment.

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Clear aligners are a discreet and effective method for aligning your teeth. Read more about them here. Call us in Surprise, AZ for your consultation today!
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