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Signs You Need to Call Us for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Candice
Signs You Need to Call Us for Wisdom Tooth ExtractionWisdom teeth are the third set of molars that often grow in people aged between 17-25 years. They are the last teeth on your mouth on both the lower and upper jaws. Wisdom teeth can become very problematic, especially when they start to emerge. They will impact and alter your teeth and jaw alignment. As a result, you will experience several challenges that will leave you with no option but have them extracted. Here are some of the signs that show your wisdom teeth need to come out.

Pain and Sensitivity

As your wisdom teeth start growing, you may experience incredible pain, especially at the back of your mouth. This pain is often the first and obvious sign that your new wisdom teeth need to come out. The pain might get intense when you are eating or brushing your teeth. If you experience this sharp pain and throbbing sensations, you should call us immediately. Our professionals will perform a thorough dental examination that helps confirm the condition of your wisdom teeth. After that, we will decide if extraction is the way to go.

Tooth Impaction

Another sign that shows your wisdom teeth need extraction is when they become impacted. Tooth impaction occurs when wisdom teeth grow partially or don't grow at all. This is condition is very common and can cause severe discomfort. When there isn't enough room for wisdom teeth to grow into, they emerge from your gums and develop. This causes them to become impacted underneath the gum. Having impacted teeth is an indicator that your wisdom teeth should be removed. Therefore, if you think you have impacted teeth, come to our offices immediately for evaluation. Letting impacted teeth grow will not only affect your smile but also how you chew food. Contact our offices for more information on wisdom teeth.

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