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Dental Bone Grafts

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Candice
Dental Bone GraftsDental bone grafts are surgical procedures to rebuild or repair bones where there is insufficient bone in a jaw and it is necessary to add additional support to the site. There are two common types of dental bone grafts, ridge augmentation, and a sinus lift. We perform when there is insufficient bone on the upper jaw and ridge augmentation when the jaw cannot support dental implants. We use a synthetic bone substance or take a bone from somewhere in the body and merge it into the existing bone.

The Bone Graft Procedure

The first step is crucial. It involves numbing the area using anesthesia to ensure you will not feel pain during the procedure. Our dentist will carefully monitor your blood pressure and heart rate throughout the operation. The next step is to clean the affected area, then cut the skin and muscle surrounding the bone to acquire the graft. We then insert a bone graft between the two bones that should grow together. The next step is to seal the bone graft with a special screw or a membrane, and finally, we then stitch the incision to begin healing.

Types of Bone Grafting Materials

Autografts are a type of bone graft acquired from the patient themself, from their own body. Allografts, conversely, are grafts obtained from a human donor. Usually, it is a cadaver bone that has received treatment to free it from host diseases and neutralize it to immune reactions. Xenografts are the inorganic parts of animal bones and are mainly acquired from cows. Alloplastic grafts are created from hydroxyapatite. Ceramic-based grafts are grafts made from ceramics.

Common Causes of Bone Loss

Loss of bone is a result of different factors, which include: Gum disease, developmental defects, tooth extraction leaving a space, trauma or injury to the facial or mouth areas before the installation of dental implants. For more information on bone grafts, book an appointment with us to help you understand more.


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