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Mouthguards Can Protect Your Teeth from Incidental Damage

Posted on 5/10/2019 by Andrew Zeiger
Mouthguards Can Protect Your Teeth from Incidental DamagePeople look at their teeth as something that is very hard. They protect their teeth when they engage in violent activities such as contact sports. They turn to mouthguards to help keep their teeth safe. What they don't think about is the other times when their teeth are at risk.

There are times when they should turn to a mouthguard to protect their teeth from the unintended damage they face. There are more times to turn to a mouthguard than many imagine.

Different Uses for Mouthguards

While contact sports commonly use mouthguards, that is not the only reason that people turn to mouthguards. They can help deal with a few different problems that people suffer from.

•  Sleep Apnea. Mouthguards and oral appliances can help people who suffer from sleep apnea. The mouthguards can help keep the airway open while a person sleeps. It can also prevent the tongue and muscles in the mouth from collapsing and blocking the airway.
•  TMJ. Mouthguards can help people who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders. This is a problem with the joint and muscles that connect the jaw to the skull. The mouthguards can put the jaw into a more comfortable position that does not stress TMJ.

The Problem of Bruxism

Mouthguards are also a very effective tool for people who suffer from bruxism and teeth grinding. This condition can happen while a person is awake or sleeping. The grinding of the teeth puts pressure on the teeth that can cause them to crack, break or chip. It can cause pain and can lead to problems with TMJ. A mouthguard can help protect the teeth from the damage caused by teeth grinding.

People who grind their teeth often don't realize they are doing it. This is especially true when a person is asleep. The mouthguard does not stop the grinding of the teeth, but it does offer protection and can stop the incidental damage. You only get two sets of teeth in your lifetime. If a mouthguard can help prevent damage, it is something worth considering.

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