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Types of Bone Grafting Materials


If you have missing teeth and have been thinking of acquiring dental implants, you may be required to undergo a bone augmentation procedure.

This happens when it is determined that your jawbone does not have the required dimensions to support a new implant.

Bone grafting involves the use of material from a different part of the body, or the use of specially designed grafting materials that fuse to the jawbone to improve its density and structure. Surprise Dentist provideĀ  some of the well-known types of grafting materials commonly used in dentistry today.


This is a type of grafting that involves the transfer of bone material from a different location in the body. The bone may be extracted from a nonessential bone. Since the bone is derived from the same individual the risk of rejection is lower.

However, this means that the patient will have to undergo additional surgeries to acquire the required bone material needed for grafting. The main drawback of this type of grafting is that the patient could be at a greater risk of complications and may require a longer recovery period.


This is bone acquired from the human body, but the patient gets the material from a donor rather than from his own body. The material must be sterilized to prevent the transmission of infections and deactivate active protein compounds.

However, the extent of sterilization can minimize its osteoconductive properties which contain growth factors which facilitate contains important biological factors that help to facilitate growth.


The bone can regenerate if it has the space and the growth factors that will enable it to grow. For synthetic dental bone grafts a material that mimics the chemical structure of the bone is used.

Over time it will stimulate the bone to regrow and the synthetic material will dissolve. The main advantage of synthetic materials is that there is no need for multiple surgical procedures, and the risk of disease transfer is minimized. If you have any questions about dental implants or bone grafts, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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