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Treating a Jaw That Grew Unevenly


The bones of the jaw and the skull tend to develop gradually and will continue growing throughout the adolescence and early in adulthood. Sometimes, the growth of jaw bone may be interrupted resulting in unequal or uneven growth. Unequal jaw growth may present in various forms.

A patient may show symptoms such as slurred speech, uneven bite, swallowing food, difficult chewing, and uneven facial appearance including a protruding or receding chin. Having treatment from Dentistry in Surprise AZ for a jaw that had grown unevenly can help correct the malformations and health problems it presents.


Many things can cause the jaw to grow unequal and the common ones include injury to your face or the jaw. People may have uneven jaw growth due to birth defects and sometimes, it may happen because of possible complications arising from prior surgery.

During early childhood, a jaw may as well begin to grow unevenly. When you reach out to us, we will ask you questions regarding the way the growth has been occurring. You will provide us with information on how long it has been happening and then we will try to determine the exact cause.


With time, if you don’t get treatment for unequally developed jaw, it may become worse. Treatment options may vary from one individual to another. Some people may just need to wear a dental appliance while others may require surgery.

Orthognathic surgery helps correct the problem by realigning one or both of your jaws. The aim of having orthognathic jaw surgery is to improve your speech, chewing, and swallowing abilities.

Again, the surgery helps reduce difficulty in breathing that you may be experiencing while asleep. If a patient has a receding or protruding chin, a corrective surgery will help improve facial appearance thereby ensuring self-confidence.

Having a jaw that has grown unevenly can impact the quality of life you lead. Getting treatment helps you have a healthier and happier. You can call us to discover how we can help you if you have unevenly developed jaws.

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