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Preventive Dentistry

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Preventive Dentistry - Surprise, AZ

No one wants to deal with disease and decay, and one way to make these problems much less likely is regularly partaking in preventative dentistry. Surprise Smiles preventative dentistry expertise is unlike any other, as we have a personal care for each and every one of our patients, and we do not want to see them suffer any preventable oral pain. Preventative dentistry is all about eliminating the risk of potential diseases and infections, and we help you to do just that.

Preventive Dentistry
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Preventative dentistry, in its most basic form, is simply taking good care of your gums and teeth to keep them from having issues later on. This includes both what you do at home, specifically brushing and flossing, and what we do here in our office. At Dentist Surprise AZ offer a variety of procedures to keep your oral health at its peak so that you can save yourself from much pain for both your mouth and your wallet.


At each of your six-month checkup, we take many precautions to screen for disease, decay, and infection, and also to prevent any from occurring in the future. This is what makes it so very important that you come in regularly.

The more you can prevent, the easier it will be throughout the life of your teeth.

Firstly, and maybe foremost, we offer a deep cleaning, exam, and x-rays. These are very important steps to maintaining your oral health.

The deep cleanings clear out bacteria, tartar, and plaque that have developed over the past six months. These substances can lead to gum disease and decay if left unattended.

The x-rays are essential to make sure that decay, disease, cysts, pockets or other damaging potential problems do not dwell beneath the surface of your teeth or your gumline.

The exam is also essential to noticing signs of infection, gum disease, or cavities that have reached the surface of your teeth or that hide in crevices where it is more difficult to clean.

We also perform screenings for diseases like oral cancer, which need to be caught as soon as possible to increase treatment ability.

We provide sealants to cover and protect your molars so that they are stronger against daily use.

Finally, we provide custom dental mouth guards to help both adults and children protect teeth against the harmful effects of grinding teeth – also known as bruxism.

While there are always unexpected events that we cannot predict that may influence your teeth, we can do these things and more to keep your oral health at peak level. Call us here at Surprise Smiles today to find out what we offer and why it is so important. Don’t forget to brush and floss daily too, to make our job even easier, and to help protect your teeth between appointments.