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Not All Wisdom Teeth Cause Trouble as They Erupt


It is a common thought that when your wisdom teeth begin to come in, a visit to our office and consulting our Dentist Surprise AZ is necessary. They think that the only solution is to pull out the wisdom teeth. The problem is that not everyone will need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

Instead, people can allow their wisdom teeth to grow in. Understanding why this can happen can help people know what to do when their wisdom teeth begin to erupt.


It is possible for a person to have the wisdom teeth grow in without causing them any problems. In order for this to happen, there are several things that have to happen. The first thing is there has to be enough space in the mouth to fit the teeth. The wisdom teeth come in behind the last set of molars. If you can fit a finger back there and feel soft tissue, it is possible there is enough space for the wisdom teeth to emerge without problems.

The second thing that you need is for the wisdom teeth to grow in properly. Problems can arise if the wisdom teeth are not positioned properly to fit into the mouth or if they grow at an angle or in some other way that creates problems.

The wisdom teeth also need to be free of diseases. It is possible that they may already have bacteria on them that causes them to decay or that could cause problems for the other teeth and gums as the wisdom teeth emerge. Wisdom teeth can fully emerge, partially emerge of become impacted. Most people are not lucky enough to have their wisdom teeth fully emerge and remain healthy, but it can happen.

For more information about this or any other oral health issue, contact the dental professionals at our office to schedule an appointment.

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