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Mouth Guards Reduce Potential Damage for Those Suffering from Bruxism


Have you ever caught yourself clenching or grinding your teeth? If so, that is causing damage to your teeth. It can leave you facing pain, increased tooth sensitivity, and even cause cracks and fractures to your teeth. You should always avoid doing any type of clenching or grinding of your teeth, but it isn’t always as easy as simply stopping a bad practice. Many times, it happens when you cannot control it – during your sleep.


By getting a professional mouth guard, you have the opportunity to get a piece of technology that helps to hold your teeth into a specific location. This means that your jaw simply will not be able to slide back and forth because the mouth guard will keep your teeth in one place. Plus, mouth guards are made of soft material, often silicone-based materials. This means that if you try and clench your teeth, you will only push down into the mouth guard instead of the opposing teeth. This means that your teeth still have a bit of pressure put on them when you clench, but instead of the full pressure of the opposing teeth, they push into something soft. This greatly reduces the chances that your teeth will get damaged, and can provide you with a stronger and healthier smile for many years to come.

When it is time for you to get a mouth guard, give your oral surgeon a call. They specialize in helping to keep your teeth healthy, and they can help get you set up with a mouth guard that is customized for your specific needs. Plus, before the mouth guard process begins, they can determine if you have any ill-effects of bruxism that need to be treated. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more, please call us today at (623) 215-1075.

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