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Most Common Needs for Dental Crowns


People often imagine crowns as the piece of jewelry that sits on the head of a king or queen. Those are not the only types of crowns that people can have. There is another type that a person can have, even if they are not royalty. Dental crowns have an important place in many people’s oral health.

The problem that many people have with dental crowns is the cost. They are not as cheap as other options to replace missing, broken or damaged teeth. Dentistry in Surprise AZ explains in order to figure out whether dental crowns are the best option for you, it is worth learning the most common reasons that other get crowns.


Before learning why people need crowns, you need to understand what they are. A crown is a cap that fits over a broken, cracked or misshaped tooth. The crown looks and has the shape of a natural tooth. The crown is cemented in place move the tooth to hold it in place. Some people use an implanted post to attach the crown when the tooth is missing.


There are many reasons for a crown. A crown can help improve your overall oral health. When teeth are damaged or missing, the other teeth will often move to compensate for the extra space. The gums and the bone can also shrink as a result. The crown can prevent these problems from occurring. People also get crowns when these things happen.

Crowns serve many useful purposes. Because they last longer and look more natural, they are often the best option for people who struggle to maintain their natural teeth.

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