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Limited Orthodontics

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Limited Orthodontics - Surprise, AZ

Limited orthodontic treatment is essentially a treatment plan that helps settle a dental problem involving one tooth or several teeth. Limited orthodontic treatment can help both children and adults with teeth appearance, oral health, and the aesthetics of teeth.

Our Dentist Surprise AZ will help assess your situation and accordingly suggest a treatment plan.

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To identify the exact treatment method and the condition to be treated, dentists analyze the jaw and bite joints at regular checkups to ensure they are developing as they should. Thumb sucking and other bad habits can often hinder development, which impacts the function of the jaw in the long run.


Limited orthodontics uses various treatment methods to treat primary teeth and jaw development issues in children. The child may need braces on a few teeth or get partial aligners. In some cases, the child also needs retainers to help with the alignment.

Treatment may involve the use of palatal expanders, partial braces, spacers, and various other tools to ensure the job is done right. After patients get treated with limited orthodontics, they may need to consult an orthodontist to begin the second phase of the treatment.

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The treatment time for limited orthodontics is substantially lower than that of normal braces. Limited orthodontics only requires a few months at max. Sometimes braces aren’t needed at all.

If you can detect abnormal development early on, you may only need retainers or aligners, which you can remove for events and photographs. They also help prevent the need for lengthier treatments later on – and they can protect a child’s smile.

Whether your child has spaced out, crooked or protruding teeth, limited orthodontics can fix it all.

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Comprehensive orthodontic treatment also has much to do with the aesthetics of your teeth. As the name suggests, it’s a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure all areas of your mouth are covered.

With comprehensive orthodontic treatment, you can address multiple dental problems of every tooth in your mouth.

This sort of treatment is usually sought for crowded teeth, overbites or crossbites, underbites, and even for a patient who is unsatisfied with their smile. In these cases, our dentists and our team may suggest braces, aligners, or removable retainers – any appropriate service that fits the purpose.

As opposed to limited orthodontic treatment, comprehensive orthodontic treatment plans include accumulated strategies that can help address every dental issue at hand.


Cosmetic modality in dental language refers to cosmetic dentistry. This means altering the look of your teeth. This can include the placement, size, altering the number of teeth in total, and shifting the smile focus.

One of the most common methods in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Also known as bleaching, teeth whitening is a comparatively cheaper method. Cosmetic modality is all about improving the visual look of your teeth. Come by our Dentist Surprise AZ office and discuss your case with us and we will help create a proper treatment plan for you.


Minor orthodontic treatment includes working with only a few teeth. You will undergo a minor orthodontic treatment if you have a minor tooth movement issue.

If you are someone who does not prefer braces, this treatment would be ideal for you.

You can opt for clear aligners; the most commonly known brand is Invisalign. Aligners are clear plastic, and they take the shape of your teeth. They help move teeth to boost visual appearance.

Removable retainers are custom-made, and they help maintain the position of your teeth after your braces are removed. You will need to wear them as per our dentist’s instructions.

After your braces are removed, your teeth have the potential to move around and shift. If they’re successful in their attempt, they may sabotage all the effort put in, in straightening your teeth. This is why it’s so important to wear your retainers.

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Tooth movement can compromise the visual appeal of your smile and also your face in its entirety with your jaw in perspective. If your tooth movement is more than normal, you will need to take precautions, especially if you’re concerned about your smile.

When some sort of pressure is implemented on your teeth due to force, your periodontal ligament tends to stretch. This causes movement within vessels and positioning. Limited orthodontics, however, can help you with minor issues that can be easily and comfortably fixed and healed.

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