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Fixing an Underbite


Also known as prognathism, an underbite is a condition in which your bottom jaw protrudes out beyond your upper jaw. This misalignment is usually present at birth and ranges in severity.

Your bottom teeth may be just over your upper teeth or there may be a rather extensive gap. An underbite can cause a number of problems, but fortunately it is highly treatable.



The severity of your underbite will often determine the type of treatment that will suit you and produce the best possible results. Many underbites can be corrected with treatments. Small underbites can be fixed with braces.

An upper jaw expander may be needed. This treatment involves placing a wire device across the roof of your mouth that gets widened a little bit each night using a special key. Another treatment uses a device that looks similar to headgear to pull your jaw back into the right position.

More severe cases may require corrective surgery. In this procedure, the oral surgeon separates the bone and modifies it to reposition the bottom teeth. The jaw is then placed in the right position and held in place with either wires or plates while it heals.

An underbite doesn’t have to get in your way. Contact our office about your options for fixing it, allowing you to eat and speak better and increase your self-confidence.

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