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First Steps to Take Following Dental Trauma


When a person suffers any type of traumatic injury, the treatment and things they do when it happens, plays a large role in how much damage their body suffers. The problem is that many people do not know what to do if something happens to themselves or to someone else. This is especially true in the case of a dental trauma. There are several things to do that can help a person recover from the dental trauma that they suffer.


There are plenty of different types of dental trauma that range from the mild to the severe. While dental trauma can refer to almost any injury involving the mouth, jaw, teeth and gums, Dentistry in Surprise AZ explain some types of trauma that are more common.

The first steps to take in treating these types of trauma depend on what type of injury a person has, the age of the person involved and the severity of the problem.


After assessing what the injury is, it is possible to take a few other steps. If there is bleeding, pressure or some type of dressing can help stop the bleeding. If the injury knocked out a tooth or part of the tooth, collect the pieces it in milk to help keep it moist. Treat minor burns by running cold water over the affected area.

In addition to taking some basic steps, the last step to do when dental trauma occurs is to contact our offices to get an emergency appointment. The sooner you treat the trauma, the better the outcome.
Contact our office right away in the event of a dental trauma or for help with any other oral health issues you may have.

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