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Are You Going to Need an Oral Biopsy?


A lot of people are at risk for things like oral cancer, but do not even realize it. There are many things that can cause problems where an oral biopsy would be part of the diagnosis process.

If you notice lumps, bumps, skin differences, or lesions in your mouth, you are showing signs that something is wrong with your mouth. If after an examination, we see something that does not look quite right, we will sometimes request an oral biopsy to be done. That way, Surprise Dentist know what is going on and can treat it appropriately.


The people who are most likely going to need an oral biopsy are those who have the highest risk factors for oral cancer. Those who top this list include smokers and drinkers. Smoking, or any type of tobacco use, is quite dangerous to the mouth. It increases your chances of developing oral cancer exponentially.

Drinking dries out the mouth, which means your mouth is less protected from the benefits of your saliva. Your saliva is one of the best protectors of your mouth. By drying it out, you increase your chances of developing nearly every oral ailment there is. You also could have an increased risk of oral cancer if you spend extended periods of time in the sun, have the HPV virus, or have poor oral hygiene.

If you want to decrease the risk of oral cancer you currently have, the best thing to do is avoid these issues. Make sure you don’t smoke, drink, or spend too much time in the sun. You can also make sure to keep your mouth incredibly clean at all times. For more information on oral biopsies or your risks for oral cancer, give us a call today!

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